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Our Scholars

Sarabande are there to ensure that the creative talent of gifted students can flourish regardless of financial status. With the guidance of our patrons and industry professionals, Sarabande offers scholarships to creatives studying at Graduate and Post-Graduate level.

Meet Our Patrons

Sarabande patrons represent success across the creative arts, but more importantly these people embody the Sarabande values of collaboration, opportunity and creative growth. Each of the patrons knew Lee, understood the creative process he embodied and his wishes to continue his legacy, by inspiring future generations of artists.

The Studios

The heart of Sarabande is in its studios; a place of community and collaboration where tenants can be free to experiment and meet with those affiliated to the Foundation. We host special events and a diverse schedule of talks and educational workshops which run in addition to mentoring and networking opportunities.

What’s On

Over 20 years ago the idea for a charitable foundation was born out of the creativity and experience of Lee Alexander McQueen. Named after McQueen’s 2007 Spring/Summer collection, Sarabande Foundation was established because Lee passionately believed that young creative minds should be given the same opportunities he’d enjoyed, to those with the potential to push boundaries and overturn prevailing orthodoxies.



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