Lee McQueen’s work was characterised by a strong understanding of the benefits of bringing together disparate fields, such as art and technology, traditional crafts and contemporary innovations, to create new and unique creative processes. Sarabande’s site at Kingsland Wharves, in Haggerston, provides students with a dynamic environment to experiment with different visual art forms, collaborate with patrons and drive fundraising activity to continue the evolution of the Sarabande brand.

The Sarabande studios offer stability to students and provide a place for artists from many different creative arts to work together. Lee witnessed the frustrations that can arise from being pigeon-holed even within the arts, where a dedication to a particular discipline such as fashion or sculpting can mean that only certain materials or techniques are available for experimentation.

Kingsland Wharves is a space where the philosophy of Sarabande takes physical form – where students can experiment across the arts, develop their approaches to creativity and access a wide variety of influences.

The heart of Sarabande is in its studios; it’s a place where students can meet with patrons and other artists. There is space for fundraising activities and special events, whilst a diverse schedule of hosted talks and workshops run in addition to mentoring programmes. Students are given access to technology and materials not necessarily associated with their chosen specialism, in order to feed the creative process.


All of the studios at sarabande are currently full. If you are interested then please make contact in the summer of 2017 when spaces will become available.


Photographs by Nick Turner.